How to pack your shipment

    Understanding the packaging principles of SF Express will help you to have the know-how to package your shipment properly, preventing any damage or loss. 

     The principle of zero damage

     A well-packed parcel could help to prevent your shipment from being damaged by leakages and / or deterioration caused by friction, weight and outside pressure during transport.

     The principle of safety handling

     The packaging must be suitable for the nature, status and weight of goods. 

     The principle of appropriate packaging

     It is necessary to choose the right packaging box and fillings based on the size, weight, and transport properties of the shipment. 

     The principle of tight packaging

     The packaging box should be filled with your pieces, protecting materials and cushions. Make sure to protect your pieces and stuff cushionioning material to avoid friction and squeezing during transport.

     The principle of fragile protection

     Please wrap the ceramics, glass products and other fragile goods with bubble bags to give better protection. Each of these kinds of goods should be wrapped and packaged by bubble bags, paper foam, and other anti-shock materials. Fragile label is required for shipping fragile items. 


Packaging Standard 

Destination Volume Weight Declared Value per Shipment
Australia 100*60*60 (CM) 20 KG Maximum declared value is AUD 1,000
Bangladesh 120*80*70 (CM) 30 KG   None
Brazil 200*80*70 (CM) 32 KG  None
Brunei 150*80*70 (CM) 70 KG None
Cambodia 140*70*70 (CM) 50 KG  None
Canada  Length + 2*Width + 2*Height < 365 (CM) or longest side ≤244 (CM) 30 KG None
Chile 200*80*70 (CM) 70 KG  None
China Mainland  200*80*70 (CM) 80 KG  None
Hong Kong 200*80*70 (CM) 80 KG None
India 200*80*70 (CM) 30 KG None
Indonesia 200*80*70 (CM) ≤70KG/piece
Japan 200*80*70 (CM) 50 KG None
Macau 200*80*70 (CM) 80 KG None
Malaysia 200*80*70 (CM) 70 KG None
 Mexico 200*80*70 (CM) 70 KG None
Mongolia 200*80*70 (CM) 70 KG None
 Myanmar 100*70*70 (CM)  30 KG None
New Zealand 150*80*70 (CM)  30 KG None
Pakistan 150*80*70 (CM)   70 KG  None
Philippines 150*80*70 (CM)  25 KG  None
Singapore 200*80*70 (CM) 70 KG  None
South Korea 200*80*70 (CM) 70 KG None
Sri Lanka  150*80*70 (CM)   70 KG  None
Taiwan 200*80*70 (CM) 70 KG None
Thailand 200*80*70 (CM)  70 KG  None
United Arab Emirates 200*80*70 (CM)  70 KG   None
United States  200*80*70 (CM)   70 KG The declared value shall not exceed USD 5,000 (in the case of monthly settlement accounts), or USD 2,500 (in the case of cash settlement customers). 
Vietnam  200*120*120 (CM)   70 KG None 
28 European Countries Length + Width + Height ≤ 300 (CM) or longest side ≤175 (CM) 30 KG Maximum declared value is EUR 13,000

Please click here for detailed Packing Guideline