Shipment Protection Plus
Service Introduction

The Service Protection Plus (SPP) service is a value-added service provided by SF to customers. If customers select the SPP service, in addition to the freight charge, the customer need to pay the SPP service charge based on the SPP rate. During the transport process, if the consignments are damaged or lost due to SF liabilities, SF will compensate for the loss based on the ratio of the SPP amount (declared value) and loss.

Applicable Products

Standard Express+, Standard Express, Economy Express

Applicable shipment type

Only for package shipments (not for document shipments)

Charging Standard

For US customers,

1)      SPP only apply to shipments with declared value > USD $100 and ≤ USD $700,000.

2)      SPP service fee = Declared value of the commodities * 1.25%/shipment.


For Canada customers,

1)      SPP only apply to shipments with declared value > CAD $120 and ≤ CAD $700,000.

2)      SPP service fee = Declared value of the commodities * 1.25%/shipment.


Service Scope

Shipments sent from United States or Canada to over 70 destinations, including:

Mainland China, Hong Kong China, Macau China, Taiwan China, Singapore, Malaysia, South Korea, Japan, Thailand, Vietnam, Australia, Mongolia, India, Cambodia, Myanmar, Indonesia, Canada, Mexico.

Consignment standards

In addition to the prohibited articles specified for the international shipments, the following articles are not accepted for the SPP service:

1)   Fragile goods such as ceramic, glass, and gypsum products;

2)   Seasonal fruits and specialties (including aquatic products) which are not easy to store or keep fresh.


Parcel Size and Weight Limits

Economy Express limits:





Weight limit per piece

EE≤80 KG (176 Lbs.)

  ≤70 KG



Weight limit per HAWB

EE: Shipment under one waybill that exceeds the maximum weight of an individual piece must be separated and handled as a multi-piece shipment, with the weight of each child shipment less than the max amount. 

Dim limit per piece

CM: 200 * 80 *70

INCHES: 78 * 31 * 27

 CM: 150 * 80 *70



Standard Express+ and Standard Express limits:


Weight limit per piece

≤70 KG

≤70 KG


Weight limit per HAWB

Shipment under one waybill weighting more than the maximum weight of one piece must be  handled as multi-piece shipment.(The weight of each piece should within the limit of single piece)



The chargeable weight (pound) of a shipment is determined by the actual gross weight or the volumetric weight (L x W x H (inch) ÷ 166), whichever is greater.


Volume limit per piece





Declared value limit

B2B: no limits

 Additional clearance documents is required



Add SPP to Your Shipment

Personal Account:


  •        Step 4:      Enter insured amount


  •        Step 5:      Confirm the insurance fee and check out



Enterprise Account:

  •        Step 1:      Go to
  •        Step 2:      Sign in your enterprise account.
  •        Step 3:      Find SPP at the Added Value Service session, select the box and complete your order.


Terms of use

1) The declared value of an international shipment shall not be higher than the actual value. The upper limit of the declared value is USD/CAD $700,000. The SPP service is not available if the value of an international shipment exceeds USD/CAD $700,000.

2) If customers choose to use the SPP service for their shipments, SF International will compensate when loss or damage happens except for circumstances beyond SF’s control stipulated in Terms and Conditions of Waybill. The compensation will be based on the ratio of the declared value of the consignment to the loss or damage.