Important Notes on Customs Clearance (China)

1. Shipment Value

According to China import regulations, all personal shipments imported into the Chinese Mainland have to meet the following requirements:

Maximum Declared Value

Ship From Hong Kong, Macau And Taiwan

Ship From Other Countries

A shipment with multiple items

Total declared value cannot be more than RMB 800

Total declared value cannot be more than RMB 1,000

A shipment with one undividable item

If it is intended for personal use, it would have to be imported as a personal shipment even if the total declared value exceeds the prescribed limits.

You are recommended to keep a screenshot of the transaction details or sales receipt for reference.


2. Accurate information for customs clearance

It is compulsory to declare the type, brand name, value and description according to the shipment's actual condition.


3. Quantity of commodities

Please ensure that the quantity of your purchases is reasonable for personal use. For example, 2 bottles of the same health supplement can be considered as an adult dosage for a period of time (6-12 months) but if you ship more than 1 watch with the same model, it would probably be considered as a commercial shipment and would lead to a delay in customs clearance as the authorities may request additional supporting documents.


4. Duty incurred on imports to the Chinese Mainland

There may be duties incurred on packages shipped to the Chinese Mainland. Duties may be paid by either the shipper or receiver in China. The duty amount is determined by the type of commodity, quantity, declared value or duty paid value (as determined by China customs). According to regulations on postal items by China Customs, the current import duty threshold for personal item is RMB 50. A duty amount equal to or less than RMB 50 is waived.


You can check the duty rate and duty paid value from the link below.


5. Receiver's ID copy for customs clearance

According to China imports regulations, the receiver must provide a copy of his/her ID for customs clearance of personal shipments.



SF Express offers two ways for customers to upload their copy of their personal ID: the SF Express official website and WeChat.

· Upload ID copy via SF official website

Go to the “Upload Receiver’s ID Copy” page on SF Official Website. Follow the steps to upload your copy of your personal ID.

· Upload ID copy via WeChat

You could upload your copy of your ID via WeChat.

WeChat is a social application which supports both iOS and Android systems. “顺丰国际” is an official WeChat account by the International Business Unit of SF Express to provide customers with convenient service enquiry and shipment tracking services.


· Follow us on WeChat

2 ways to follow us on WeChat:

1. Open WeChat mobile App, scan the QR code below and follow SF International Business Unit.

2. Download WeChat app in the App Store, and search "顺丰国际" on WeChat and follow.


· Upload copy of personal ID

2 easy steps to upload the receiver’s ID copy via WeChat:


                                 Step 1                                                                        Step 2

Step 1

Enter ”顺丰国际” WeChat official account.
Select “
寄快递” > “通关服务”.


Step 2
Fill in all information
1/4. SF air waybill #
2/4. Select type of document, 1. ID; 2. Passport; 3. Others
3/4. Upload image of identity proof document with name, photo and number (front)
4/4. Upload image of identity proof document (back)


Safe and reliable

Your personal ID copy will be stored in a secure S.F. Express server and will be used for customs clearance purposes only. We are committed to protecting your privacy and your personal ID copy will not be disclosed to third parties without your prior consent.


6. Please click here for information on prohibited and restricted goods imported to the Chinese Mainland.

For more information, please email us at or contact our Customer Service Hotline at 1 855 901 1133.